About Us

Huge thanks to Jasper Lamaker for creating this beautiful short documentary!

Pluktuin Sayuran is an agroecological self-harvest market garden in Wageningen, The Netherlands. It is located within the beautiful surroundings of Pluktuin de Bosrand on the Wageningse Eng. We produce a diverse range of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers following the principles of agroecology; this means minimalising external inputs, zero agrochemical use, and investing in biodiversity and long term soil fertility. We also sell seedlings and, in time, self-saved seeds.

The soil is our supermarket

Another important part of agroecology is the manner in which produce is distributed: we sell direct to consumers, the soil is our supermarket shelf!

Want to support local sustainable food and ecosystems? You can get your hands on our produce in the following ways:


Pick your own vegetables in the market garden.

Pre-order package

Order a customised seasonal package in advance and collect it during the weekly designated pick up slot.

Local shops & restaurants

Find our produce being offered by local shops, restaurants and caterers.