How it works

The basics

  1. Arrive at the Pluktuin with your own bags and containers*.
  2. Pick what you need (keep different produce separate).
  3. Come to the pay point to weigh your harvest.
  4. Pay by card or cash for what you’ve picked.
  5. Enjoy agroecologically grown fresh local veggies!

*If you have containers then come to the pay point first to weigh them, so you don’t pay for this weight at the end!

Two Pluktuins in one?

Pluktuin Sayuran is a pick-your-own market garden located within the pre-existing Pluktuin de Bosrand, and is run by former WUR student Chris Chancellor. We rent 3 plots of land from Petra, the owner, so there are two separate entities within the same area, although we of course collaborate a lot! This means that produce from each needs to be paid for separately – Pluktuin Sayuran for fresh vegetables, Pluktuin de Bosrand for bouquets, berries, fruits, herbal tea leaves and more.

The basic idea is that you pick your own produce based on what’s available and the quantities you need, and then pay by weight or piece depending on the type of vegetable.

Plot 1 – No-dig beds
Plot 3 – Ruth Stout method & no-dig beds
Plot 2 – Mulch & ‘Three Sisters’ system

How do I know what’s available?

The ‘Veggies in Season‘ page on this website will be kept up to date with information on what’s currently available. You can also follow our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for updates on the latest seasonal offerings. If you prefer to stay offline (then you probably won’t be reading this, but anyway…), then just stroll or roll by the market garden and check out our roadside sign, or just come in and ask!

What should I bring?

Bags/ containers

Ideally you should bring your own re-usable bags, containers etc. One of the big advantages of selling locally is that we can eliminate unnecessary packaging, so would be a bit silly of us to provide plastic bags… We will however provide some brown paper bags for those who forget or are not able to bring their own for whatever reason.

Harvesting Tools

If you prefer you can bring your own scissors or gloves for harvesting, but this not necessary as everything can be done by hand!

Money! 😉

We accept both card and cash payments.

How do I know where everything is and how to pick stuff?

All the vegetables ready for picking are labelled with both the type and variety. And I (Chris) will of course be on hand to show you around. If I’m not there, then Petra (Pluktuin de Bosrand) can fill you in.

Explanations for how to pick things are available on the website. Just click on the individual vegetable type to view the explanation. Again, things will be explained when you get here!

So how much does everything cost and how do I pay?


Prices are displayed on the website on the individual product page, and also on signs in the garden. For all salad leaves, we have a standardised price of € 1,50/ 100g, giving you flexibility to mix and match as you wish.

In addition to the greater variety of produce we offer, you will find that our prices are competitive with most supermarkets in the area.


Once you have finished picking what you need, your harvest will be weighed at the pay point and the price calculated accordingly. You can then pay with either cash or card.