Local Food Nodes

Like the idea in principle but short on time? You can still access our local, sustainably produced vegetables through the Local Food Nodes platform. In short, this allows you to pre-order your vegetables online based on what is available, which we will pick for you in advance. You can then collect them during our dedicated pick-up slot. This is great for us as we know exactly how much to harvest, which helps to eliminate food waste!

How does this work exactly?

1. Create a Local Food Nodes account*, locate and follow the ‘Bosrand’ node on the interactive map.

2. Place your order online before the weekly deadline.

3. Collect your pre-prepared package during the pick-up slot & enjoy agroecologically grown fresh local veggies!

*You will be asked for a voluntary annual donation on becoming a member, which helps to support the running of the platform. Completely up to you how much you want to give!