New: harvest bags to make your life easier!

As life starts to return to normal and we start to settle back into old routines, I realise that people are going to have less time on their hands. Time, for example, that you may have spent wondering around Wageningen and discovering hidden places like Pluktuin Sayuran.

Whilst I know a lot of people enjoy coming here to pick their own vegetables, I also understand that there are those that would like to buy local, fresh and delicious food but simply don’t have the time or energy for harvesting their own on a regular basis. If you are one of these people, I would find it a shame for you to miss out!

Therefore I am starting a couple of new initiatives to make your life a little easier. The first is that on days that we are open I will pre-harvest a few things that you can just come and grab from my stall inside the garden, just as if you were at the market. This way you still get to access veggies harvested fresh that day whilst only having to briefly pop by the garden.

Salad & wok vegetable mixes
Snowball Turnips

The second is that I’m going to start offering seasonal harvest bags on a weekly basis. These will contain a selection of the wide variety of things that are in season and ready to harvest at that moment. You can pre-order these online and come and pick them up at a pre-determined time. There is no need to commit to a subscription, each week I will make a certain amount of bags available and you can just order them in the same way as you would normally do your shopping online. More info on this to follow, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media or sign up for weekly harvest updates where this will also be further explained.

Cheers, take care & enjoy the sun,


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